Meet The Staff

Darryl Joseph (Office Manager/Front Desk)

As a lifelong resident of New Orleans, Darryl is excited to work with the Saloy Dental office as we bring a new approach to dental operations. Darryl is a retired Information Systems Manager with 30 years in the technology industry. That experience will be valuable as Saloy Dental institutes new technology to make our patient’s experience comfortable and efficient end to end.

Erin Mathieu (Dental Assistant)

Erin enjoys working in the dental industry. When she is not working she enjoys baking treats and is known for her fun, festive creations. Erin has three children who demand much of her time. We believe this is also what gives her the warm, caring temperament required to be a great dental assistant. She also assists with all scheduling and administrative responsibilities.

Maci Joseph (Front Desk/Administrative)

We are excited to have Maci on our staff as part of our Saloy Dental Summer Work Program. Maci is a junior at Howard University, where she is a chemical engineering major. Maci recently completed a summer internship at the Los Alamos National Laboratories in Los Alamos NM and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in Livermore CA, as well as an internship in Dakar, Senegal. Her personal interests include playing the piano, working with computers and music.

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